Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Athletics day

Here I am doing the 100metre sprint. I came second to Bree. I was proud of myself but man is that running stuff tiring!:)

It was a bit of a funny day going hot and then cloudy and cold. As you can see in the photo it is cloudy and cold but still on with the show. It was athletics day and there was 6 events that we had to do. We all had to do at least 4 out of the 6. The 6 events were high jump, long jump, 100metre sprint, 200metre run, 50metre hurdles and softball throw. I was planning on doing long jump, 100metre sprint, 200metre run and 50metre hurdles missing out softball throw and high jump but in the end I ended up doing all 6 and personally I think I did pretty good at my level of sport.

Here I am failing but giving it a try at high jump.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We did mathletics and I reckon I did ok. EVERY line had to be measured and your design had to be in the exact middle of the page. The judges are very fussy! Mathletics was challenging for me and I didn't l,ike it that much but everyone had to have a design so I thought oh why not you have to give diffferent things a go and you never know you might be really good at it:)

Here is my design and I know it won't win but I feel good for trying:)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuatara debate

Tuatara should not be cloned because it is the natural life cycle of death and life for animals and it should not be interrupted by humans and technology. We shouldn’t clone them because then if the experiment went wrong then the tuatara could turn out like some weird animal not the tuatara.

Tuatara should be cloned because it could save them from extinction. If we don’t clone them then they would be lost forever. If tuatara were cloned they would be able to stay with us forever. If we cloned them then maybe tourists from around the world would want to come and see the cloned tuatara and meet the scientists who did it. Also if they stayed with us longer than we could learn heaps more about them that we didn’t even know before.    

Monday, September 23, 2013

Yacht reflection

My class rm19 went yachting at Pandora pond and gee it was a blast!

I felt awesome trying something new and working and talking with my classmates. The first time we went yachting I went with Maggie and she was great to go with. I felt confident and comfortable with her. When I got in the yacht for the first time I felt so nervous and not very confident.

I found out that I was pretty relaxed and calm when put under pressure. Also I had a habit of talking myself through things. Isn’t that a good thing though?

It was nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be really hard and scary. No it was nothing like that it was fun and exciting. 7/10 is what I would put myself at.

If I had a chance to go back to Pandora pond to go yachting guess what I would say……..a big fat YES!!!!!

Here is me and my mate Poppy smiling for the camera! Well at least one of us is smiling the other is a lovely action shot of Poppy’s head! (HaHa)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Yacht making reflection

Yacht reflection

I think our yacht was pretty good. Everything works ok and we had a little bit of trouble thinking up something for our mainsheet but in the end Renee just stuck a piece of rope to the sail. It worked though.

Here is the list of all the equipment we had to use for our yacht: Half a rubbish bag, 1 split pin, 3 paper clips, Half a sheet of cellophane, 2 metres of cellotape, 1 paint brush, 2 ice block sticks, 1 sheet of black paper and lucky last 1 sheet of white cardboard. We used all the equipment except the black paper.

Renee, Flynn and I were a awesome team and got our yacht done in the time that Miss garland gave us. The buoyancy tanks could have had a few tweeks here and there because the buoyancy tanks kept falling out. Plus we have holes in our boat. Also I think we could have done better with the tiller and rudder because it is only a paperclip and a piece of cardboard. We ran out of time to do anything else though. Above all that I think we did pretty good and my score out of 10 would 8\10.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soccer skills

Today my class went out on the field to do some soccer skills with Aaron and Harley. It was really fun.  Last week we learnt how to dribble using all parts of your foot. This week we were learning how to pass the ball to one and other. To pass you use the inside of your foot. We picked buddies to pass to. I chose Georgia. We had to line up on a line of cones, me on one side and Georgia on the other side. We passed and passed with Harley explaining different ways to pass. Then we played a game called ghostbusters. We had four people were ghosts and everyone else had to dribble around and try to hit the ghosts legs to kill them. I think I did good I just need to work on kicking the ball straight. But other than that I think I was ok. Wow that was fun! I can’t wait till next week!!!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Cross Country

I could feel a monster yanking at my side as I zoomed around the field, huffing and puffing. Sweat was dripping down my face as the wind cut through my hair like a knife. My sneakers churning up the ground as I whipped past a group of boys. Saliva was swirling around my mouth and slipping and sliding down my dry throat. My legs were shaking and were ready to give out any minute now. Stomp and scuff went everyones shoes as I ran past the sandpit and collected yet another ice-block stick. The whistle blew and I halted to a stop and sat down. 5 ice-block sticks. Yay, next time 6. Gurgle, Gurgle as chilly water trickled down my throat. Ahhhh what a good feeling.

Photo Comp

The next runner up is.... Cam pushed the button and my photo with my name appeared on the screen. I was so surprised when I stood up that my legs were shaking. When I walked up the front I thought that there wasn't going to be many people but there were way more people than I expected. I got a handshake from miss garland and 2 moro chocolate bars and a certificate. I can't wait to tell mum and dad!:)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Charlotte's Birthday

On Saturday it was my friend Charlotte’s birthday. She was turning 11. When I arrived there all I saw was a crowd of girls and parents.

When everyone arrived all the girls sat around the coffee table watching while Charlotte ripped open her thousands of presents. We stomped and ran down the hallway carrying armfuls of presents to her pink room. Then back down the hall we went. We had a crazy gigglish game of musical statues and then Charlotte and me won the dance off and got a prize. Then we all rushed to the table with a mountain of junk food piled on the table. We dug in straight away like a herd of lions eating their kill.

We grabbed our togs bags and rushed out the door to the minivan to go to ocean spa. We splashed and laughed for 4 hours until 6:30 when it was dark. Then we got some pizza and watched Radio Rebel and Wreck-it-Ralph with bowls of popcorn.

All the girls rounded up our stuff then raced to the minivan to drop everyone off. Phew, what an exciting, long day.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What I already know:
What I want to know:
What I learned:
People kill whales for food and blubber.
They use the blubber and other stuff from the whale to make lipsticks and medicines.
They kill them with spears and harpoons.

How do they get whales to shore since they are so big and heavy?

What do us kiwis think about whaling?

How many whales are killed from whaling a year?
They catch them then pull them up onto the boat using ropes, or they tie them to  the side of the boat and drag them to shore.

Us kiwis allow Japan to come here and whale.

About 7400 whales are killed a year from whaling, thats about 20 whales killed each day.

People don’t just use the whales for food, lipsticks and medicines. They also use them for soap, clothes, shoelaces, teeth necklaces and bracelets.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Class Assembly Item

On Friday 5th July my class did there assembly item. We talked about camp. I was a dog called Pipi. It was really exciting. We pretended to be like a big family and watching our camp documentry. A corner of the stage was the news studio. Charlotte and Josh were our hosts and I think that they did a good job of speaking clearly. It was really fun making and doing it. At the end we had to do a dance to a Ross lynch song called a billion hits. Doing the item wasn't scary or nevre racking for me because since I was a dog I didn't have to do anything besides walk around and bark. Also when I did the dance I wasn't nervous because I knew the dance off by heart.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson mandela is a very special man because he once stopped the huge, horrible apartheid in South Africa. All the South African people were not treated nice, in fact to me it was just silly. Everyone believed that the white people were better then the South African people. South African people had to serve the white people. People thought that white people were smarter and more important than the South African people. That was not true of course and Nelson Mandela was very strongly against it. Tell me if you can believe this. South African people were slaves for the white people, they couldn't even look each other in the eye or walk beside each other on the footpath. Thats just insane. There was even a white peoples drinking fountain and a South African peoples drinking fountain. White people and South African people weren't allowed to get married or go in the same shop. Nelson Mandela saved everyone in South Africa. The South African people are very grateful and relieved that Nelson Mandela came.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am learning to organise my writing into paragraphs.
  • Use an introduction and conclusion
  • Keep to one topic.
  • Plan my ideas.

There’s Mayfair school. It was a Saturday so all the sports were on. It was just mum and me since all the boys were at rugby. Since there was rugby on as well as netball mum had to park the car ages away from Mayfair so we had to walk a long way.

When we arrived there all I saw were coaches and girls all ages and sizes in netball uniforms running and throwing balls everywhere. Mayfair had two courts and both of them had a game playing on them. Whistles and shouts of encouragement could be heard all over the courts and concret. I scanned the grounds looking for my coach Amber. When we couldn’t see Amber or my team I  looked at my watch and said to myself we should be warming up by now. We were versing the mayfair T+T’s and our game was at 9:45.

Eventually Amber and my team arrived and we got straight into practice. I asked Amber where Nikita and Emma were and Amber said that they were at camp so we have a new girl thats playing for the team. I learnt her name was Alex and she didn’t go to parkvale she went to te mata. She was very bright and was quickly making friends with madi, matilda and georgia. We played a game called ins and outs then did bounce passes and lobs. Amber called the team over and told us the positions we were playing. I was GD, GK, WD, WD. My favourite position is GK. I put on my bib then went to mum for a drink. Then we all went out on the court into our positions ready to go on the whistle. The bell signaled the 1st quarter to start and then there's the sound I never get sick of, the whistle! I was very excited as I darted around defending, jumping and shouting.

After our game I was all sweaty and hot. We did our 3 cheers for mayfair than one cheer for us. We shook hands then I went to my mum, took my bib off then grabbed a muesli bar and drink. I walked over to talk to my friends while mum talked with Amber. In the end the score was a draw 5-5. Mum called me over and we walked home.

II felt really good about the game and I was pleased with the score.This week my team are going to try hard to win. When I was playing I felt exited and determined as I always do playing netball.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Book review

Title: Pegasus
Author:Kate O’hearn
Characters: Emily, Cupid, Paelen, Joel, Jupiter, Alexis, Pegasus, Neptune, Pluto, Prince Tobin, Chrysaor, Medusa, Tornado warning, Agent T, Agent J, Agent O, Steve, Nirads, Gorgons, Earl,
Rating: I’m rating this book 10/10
Age level: 8 and up

The book Pegasus a book of adventure, sacrifice and love. The reason why I like the 3 books in the series is because as soon as you open the page it whisks you away on an adventure beyond imagination. Pegasus comes from a world that could not be found on earth. Its called Olympus. Jupiter, Cupid, Alexis, Pluto, Neptune, Paelen and Chrysaor live there. Just in case you're wondering Cupid is the god of love and Alexis is the sphinx of Olympus. A sphinx is a lady’s head and torso then lions claws and fangs and a serpent's tail. The sphinx name is Alexis and if you get into a fight with her there is no way you will survive. She is one of there best guards. In the story there was a huge storm that led to a blackout. Thats when Pegasus crashes on a 9 year old girl called Emilys roof. After emily’s mum died emily lives with her dad in an apartment in New York. Emily doesn’t know what to do with Pegasus as he won’t leave her. She decides that she has to go to the nastiest kid in school, Joel. Lately at school everyone found out that Joel really likes Pegasus as he draws and talks about him all the time. Emily has to sneak out and find Joel at his foster family home after his mum ran away and his father was killed. If you don’t like adventure or sacrifice, love and nasty surprises then you're reading the wrong book review.

Recommendations:I recommend these books for kids over 8. If you get bored alot and want an adventure then what are you waiting for pick up the book and read!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rippa rugby

Pass to the hip
Throw behind
Spin the ball sideways
One hand at the front, one hand at the back
Have your hands ready where you want to receive the ball
Swing your hands over your hips
When you have the ball, run forwards
Step into your pass.

When I was playing rippa rugby I was scared and nervous because I did not know what to do but actually once you know how to throw and catch a rugby ball it's not so bad. One main thing in rugby is that you have to thrown the ball backwards.Throwing a rugby ball is easy but hard at the same time because when you throw you have to try and aim for the persons hip not there chest like in netball. You have to pass from your hip across your tummy then when it gets to your other hip let go. When the ball is in the air it should spin smoothly sideways and not head over heels. If the ball spins head over heels then you did not hold it right. How you hold it is you have one hand near the front of the ball and one hand near the end of the ball. Since you have to throw the ball backwards when you get the ball you run forwards so that your team is behind you then you can pass. When someone throws you the ball have your hands down by your hips ready to catch the ball.

Rippa Rugby from Student Parkvale on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crazy town

.1 Dinosaur drive 35km
.2 250
.3 92

What is the fastest way to get from Crayfish Capital to Flounder Cape?

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Favourite cave at camp

Ouch!! I just slid down backwards...... again, sigh. I lost my grip on the rusty creaky old ladder thanks to all the mud. Finally I reached the bottom. My dad was there to help me. Dad asked me if I’m OK but I whispered dad I’m fine. I shone my head torch on my hands to see how dirty they were. Wow they were covered in slimy mud. It looked like my hands had been buttered with chocolate icing. My hands got wiped on the wall while the other person clambered down the ladder. Then as I took one step forward I heard a squelch from under my foot. I froze on the spot. SINK SINK sink down I go. I muttered to myself “Hello mud we meet again”. I looked up above me and saw a couple wetas and heaps of spiders all shapes and sizes. A shiver ran through my spine as I saw one of the spiders move. “Hello trumpet...... trumpet.” “ Huh???” Oh yeah I forgot that we were in the cave. I lifted up my foot that was secured firmly in the mud.

All of a sudden a horrible pong started to dance around as if trying to tease me. Yuck Yuck Yuck! A disgusting question interrupted my thoughts. Could this be bat poo? I asked Georgia who was in front of me and walking through the mud maybe bat poo. GG said “I think it is poo” Well that certainly got my thoughts running. Well I’ll tell you something about bat poo. It is seriously smelly especially when you're walking through it!! All these questions about bats started going scho in my head. You know that feeling when you know that something or someone was watching you well that was the feeling I had now. Just thinking about hundreds of bats hiding above my head in the pitch black gave me the creepies. I shook the thought out of my head and started to push my way through the mud and poo.

When I got to the end of the mud pit Zacs dad Martin half whispered half shouted down at me to just stay where I am and not climb the rocks yet. At that moment I decided to help the others since I couldn’t go anywhere. Later on I started to climb up the wet rocks. I was shaking as I climbed but it was really interesting and exciting.

When I emerged out of the midnight black hole at the end of the cave I breathed in a FRESH mouthful of air. I looked at my shoes, jeepers creepers!! They stunk like a skunk had let off a stink bomb on my shoe. Miss Garland called us over to talk. When she finished I looked around at the class. Huh everyone looked really wet and cold and above all muddy. There’s the mud again in my story. What a awesome but tiring day. Now back to camp for a shower, dinner and a milo.


Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Saftey rules for in the bush

On Monday yesterday John ( a bush tramper) came in and talked to us about the things you need in the bush. Here are some things you need in the bush: Torch, Water, batteries, Lighter, Sleeping bag, Food, Bed roll, First aid kit for: blisters, headaches, cuts, bruises, rashes, insect bites. Warm clothes, tent or shelter, Beanie. There are some items that you will need to access fast. Here they are: Drink bottle, Raincoat\ wet weather gear, space to pack your clothes as you take them off and Gas cooker and cup. Before leaving you need to do these things: Tell someone where you are going and when you hope to be back, find someone to go with,  make sure you have all the right things like Compass, Maps, Emergency locator beacon. When you stop put on more clothes for example a windbreaker. Also find natural shelter and put on a beanie because did you know that 60% of your body heat goes out your head. There are some environmental factors are wind, Rain, Sun and Darkness. When you realise you are lost stay put. Did you know that wool gets 70% warmer when it’s wet. There are some plants to avoid they are stinging nettle and bush lawyer. Be careful in the bush.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maui's Fish

There once lived a family of five mischief makers, all brothers. The four younger brothers were very jealous of their big brother, Maui and so one night when they thought that maui was asleep  they whispered and decided to go fishing without him early in the morning. But Maui had fake slept and heard them talking. He then snuck out and hid in the bottom of the canoe. In the morning the four brothers tiptoed out with all their fishing gear. They paddled out laughing at the thought of their cunning plan. When they reached the area where they wanted to fish Maui emerged from his hiding place not with any Maui but a very wise and determined Maui. He commanded them to paddle and the brothers didn’t say a word for Maui had magical powers. Maui appeared quite often on their secret outings but they never muttered a word except for a sigh.Would they ever get away with any of their plans? Maui paddled on and on and soon the four brothers retired from paddling but Maui did not stir a muscle except for those that were paddling.His four brothers were grumpy and for revenge they simply refused to give him any bait. He then struck his own nose for blood. The brothers watched as he got up and started whirling the magic jawbone around his head. The jawbone slipped underneath the waves and little did he know that his hook had jammed itself in the arm of a wooden statue rooted deep in the back of a huge fish. At that moment he knew he had caught something. He strained, yanked and fought with determination surging through his veins. Whispering his karakia he heaved the huge fish up. He managed to puff out to his brothers “Don’t you touch him. He’s very special. I must get my hook.” But as soon as Maui was out of sight they started to smack the poor fish who was rising and falling in pain just like a bucking horse. When Maui returned he saw his great fish cut up from his brothers because they were angry . If you look closely our north island is actually this huge stingray.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Jelly Mountain

1. What is a VC?

2. Why was she not unhappy for her father when he died?

Friday, March 22, 2013


Yesterday after lunch, room 19 and 18 went out on the front field and did a powhiri. It was really cool to learn about how the Maori greet their Manuhiri. In case your wondering the manuhiri are the visitors.When I Hongi a boy it felt like I was going to kiss him. I felt a bit nervous hongi all the people. I even hongi Mr Cottrell! The boys from room 18 had to do a Wero. The hardest bit was you can't smile!!!! I had to muffle my laughs into my knees. The song we sang was Haere mai. It was a very different experience for me.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bars, Face and Blood

‘’Can you do a forwards flip like you did yesterday on the bars! ’’. I said YES! So it began, I was on the bars  when UH OH struck. I lost my grip and there happened to be this hard matting right beneath me with dirt mixed in it. I screamed as I came whooshing down to meet the ground ….face first. Man you should have  heard my scream , it was a bloodthirsty sort of scream and there I was lying there crying with half my face covered in blood and dirt. All my friends started crowding around me and a duty teacher came and picked me up. My face was stinging like crazy. I was carried across the courts with all my friends trailing along behind me like ducklings following their mum. I was plonked down in the sickbay, Mrs Cacace started to dab my face trying to clean me up. My friends had gone out and were now trying to see me through the window like little kids staring at a lollie shop. Mum came and picked me up and we went home. Gee Wizz lemon fizz, when I walked into the school grounds all these kids were now buzzing around me asking me questions. I don’t know how I did it but I survived that day. That very day I walked up to the bars and can you guess what I said: CURSE YOU SLIPPERY BARS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Screams and giggles of the night

 Mum’s gonna get us, Mum’s gonna get us . My two brothers were stampeding down the hallway past  my bedroom. As they ran past me I got out of bed just in time to see Brodie squeal in excitement and mum walking round the door.Then I heard her say something which gave me just enough time to dive behind the curtains before her footsteps came stomping round the corner. I went and hid behind the door and I heard Camden and Brodie
start  laughing because they nearly got smacked on the bum. Then I heard Camden climb out of bed. I poked my head round the door and I saw Camden tickling Brodie. Then UH OH! Brodie squealed, I heard a thud and a few sniffles I scattered behind the curtains. Mum was coming and she was  mad! I could hear her feet banging against the floor. Pipi (our dog) was barking, there was a squeak as the bed took the weight of Camden then Pipi’s claws scattering against the floor. Mum's footsteps were getting closer and Pipi’s barking louder. They got smacked on the bums and started crying then I quickly and quietly  ran back to my room and hopped into bed. After mum was gone Camden and Brodie kept getting in and out of bed like a million times!! Mum and dad were tired and grumpy so tonight was not a good night for playing games. They even stole (well tried) chocolate but they dropped it just as they were skipping past the lounge overtaken by giggles. In the end we all went to sleep at 11 o’clock.


CRACKLE!! There goes the boiling lava pools. Inside a volcano there are rocks and lava everywhere! There is this type of rock called magma. The whole volcano is  made out of  then...KABOOM, RUMBLE, WHISTLE and ZOOM!!!!! The whole volcano erupts!!!!!
Then with a SIZZLE at the end it calms itself down. wOw! Then as I thought it was all over a
long snake of smoke slips out and lurks around like a predator about to pounce on its prey.Its
dark shadow,evil but intelligent as it leaps around before disappearing and leaving a horrible
after taste of ash in my mouth. Rocks keep crumbling down so I have to keep swerving,jumping and dodging. I can hear the crackle of the lava and the deafening scream of the animals in the forest next door as they fight for life!Lava starts to gallop down
the mountain side,steam swirling above it as I watch hypnotised in the middle of all the commotion , the ground starts rumbling then the volcano begins splattering and spitting out rocks , as they flip through the air before landing on the ground everywhere and making a huge
mess. I look away from the mess and start making my way towards the forest well what’s  left of
the forest. All I see is millions of dead branches scattered and frightened birds calling to their family’s but what really makes me sad is every now and then I see dead animals covered in lava.
That is how hot lava is. All the plants have shriveled up and gone black. Even after its all finished I can still hear a few animals in the distance crying out for their family. Trees have flames on their branches and the ground is very hot. I must tell you it’s a horrible experience.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

The nogard

WALT Visualise as we read
We will know we can do this when we can...
Imagine a picture in your head
Look for clue words (key information)
The picture changes as you read more
Keep rereading until you have got it
You might close your eyes