Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production diary

Dear Diary,

The reason why I haven’t written an entry for the past few days is because we have been so busy! Every single day was spent in the hall having dress rehearsals. Yesterday, which was a Wednesday, we had a full dress rehearsal. That rehearsal was too all the teachers and little kids of the school. It went great. Then last night was one of our actual performances too a paying audience. That was perfect as well. I was nervous but it was the excited type of nervous. Nothing really went wrong and we have too do it all over again tonight. I can’t wait!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fictitious Character-The tooth fairy

In glittering turquoise wings, she darts and flutters through the sky. She leaves a trail of fairy dust behind her as she leaves the human world. Glitter floats around in the air, while creatures beyond your imagination, fly around playing tag. The tooth fairy lives up in the sky where the clouds are pink and blue and everyone is happy.

As the tooth fairy flies through the sky her turquoise dress shimmers in the sunlight. Her wings ripple and flutter as she goes by. She wears a beautiful silver tiara with jewels every colour of the rainbow. The tooth fairy’s long, golden hair is normally swept up in a bun behind her tiara.

The tooth fairy is a sweet and loving person. Her heart is kind, never thinking of a mean thought. Her people often describe her as a responsible and well mannered young lady. Every night, when all the girls and boys are asleep, the tooth fairy loves to visit the human world.

Everyone who knows the tooth fairy loves spending time with her as she is sweet and enjoyable. The tooth fairy is often seen soaring and frolicking with other magical creatures.