Monday, September 23, 2013

Yacht reflection

My class rm19 went yachting at Pandora pond and gee it was a blast!

I felt awesome trying something new and working and talking with my classmates. The first time we went yachting I went with Maggie and she was great to go with. I felt confident and comfortable with her. When I got in the yacht for the first time I felt so nervous and not very confident.

I found out that I was pretty relaxed and calm when put under pressure. Also I had a habit of talking myself through things. Isn’t that a good thing though?

It was nothing like I expected. I thought it was going to be really hard and scary. No it was nothing like that it was fun and exciting. 7/10 is what I would put myself at.

If I had a chance to go back to Pandora pond to go yachting guess what I would say……..a big fat YES!!!!!

Here is me and my mate Poppy smiling for the camera! Well at least one of us is smiling the other is a lovely action shot of Poppy’s head! (HaHa)

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Yacht making reflection

Yacht reflection

I think our yacht was pretty good. Everything works ok and we had a little bit of trouble thinking up something for our mainsheet but in the end Renee just stuck a piece of rope to the sail. It worked though.

Here is the list of all the equipment we had to use for our yacht: Half a rubbish bag, 1 split pin, 3 paper clips, Half a sheet of cellophane, 2 metres of cellotape, 1 paint brush, 2 ice block sticks, 1 sheet of black paper and lucky last 1 sheet of white cardboard. We used all the equipment except the black paper.

Renee, Flynn and I were a awesome team and got our yacht done in the time that Miss garland gave us. The buoyancy tanks could have had a few tweeks here and there because the buoyancy tanks kept falling out. Plus we have holes in our boat. Also I think we could have done better with the tiller and rudder because it is only a paperclip and a piece of cardboard. We ran out of time to do anything else though. Above all that I think we did pretty good and my score out of 10 would 8\10.