Tuesday, July 30, 2013


What I already know:
What I want to know:
What I learned:
People kill whales for food and blubber.
They use the blubber and other stuff from the whale to make lipsticks and medicines.
They kill them with spears and harpoons.

How do they get whales to shore since they are so big and heavy?

What do us kiwis think about whaling?

How many whales are killed from whaling a year?
They catch them then pull them up onto the boat using ropes, or they tie them to  the side of the boat and drag them to shore.

Us kiwis allow Japan to come here and whale.

About 7400 whales are killed a year from whaling, thats about 20 whales killed each day.

People don’t just use the whales for food, lipsticks and medicines. They also use them for soap, clothes, shoelaces, teeth necklaces and bracelets.

Monday, July 08, 2013

Class Assembly Item

On Friday 5th July my class did there assembly item. We talked about camp. I was a dog called Pipi. It was really exciting. We pretended to be like a big family and watching our camp documentry. A corner of the stage was the news studio. Charlotte and Josh were our hosts and I think that they did a good job of speaking clearly. It was really fun making and doing it. At the end we had to do a dance to a Ross lynch song called a billion hits. Doing the item wasn't scary or nevre racking for me because since I was a dog I didn't have to do anything besides walk around and bark. Also when I did the dance I wasn't nervous because I knew the dance off by heart.