Monday, June 30, 2014

Dialouge of a cloudy lesson

Way up in the sky where the air is thin, a little boy by the name of Harry and his Grandpa were on a trip together. Harrys Grandpa wanted too show him something amazing. “Wow, this is awesome.” says Harry.
Grandpa says, “Yes, but look at this.”

He then puts a case that is golden like the colour of the last rays of the sun at sunset, down onto the floor. He open’s it. “Hey what’s that?” the little boy asks.
“Just watch little one,” Grandpa says.
Grandpa takes a deep breath and blows strongly through the circle. A huge white cloud comes out the other side. The little boy is amazed.“You try Harry,” the old man says. Harry says “Ok!”

Harry stands on his tip toes too reach the circle. He takes a breath and a tiny cloud comes out the other side the size of a snail. “ Oh, I can’t do it.” Harry says sadly. “Hmm,” Is all Grandpa can say.

“Here boy, you need too do it like this,” Grandpa says.
With those words he takes a huge breath and blows his hardest back out.
“Do it like that and you will succeed.” Grandpa says.

Harry turns around and tries to copy his Grandpa. Nothing comes out the other side. Harry starts getting frustrated so he tries again and on his second attempt he bends the metal cloud stick. It didn’t work and so now even more frustrated he gives it a go one more time and completely snaps the stick and falls too the ground in a heap.

“Oh no! Are you ok?” Grandpa calls out rushing over.
“Yeah I’m fine but I’m sorry I broke your cloud stick,” Harry says sadly. “Hang on, I think I can fix it.”

Harry starts pulling the crushed circle in every direction trying too get it back too normal. Since the cloud stick was broken, the huge cloud that Grandpa blew out the first time, was now shrinking. “Grandpa I’m really sorry,” Harry starts. “Wait a minute.”

He shuts one eye and looks through the wonky circle. The shrinking cloud looks like the circle. That gives Harry an idea. He starts bending the circle again and this time it is the shape of a star. “Here Grandpa, try blowing out through this,” Harry says.
“Um ok, it could work.” Grandpa tells Harry.

He turns around and blows through the star shaped hole. The cloud comes out as a normal cloud then slowly turns into a star.“Wow thanks boy, it’s awesome,” Grandpa says full of delight. “Do another shape.”
“Ok!”Harry says happily.

He fiddles with it and gives it back too his Grandpa. This time it is the shape of a bunny. Grandpa blows into the hole and sure enough a cute little bunny comes out the other side too sit in the sky next too the star. Grandpa makes the last shape a shape of a heart. He decides too give it too Harry too try and blow the shape.
Harry blows and a heart comes out.“Yay it worked!” Harry says.
“Well done lad, well done.” Grandpa says softly.

Grandpa wraps Harry up in a big bear hug and they sit there happily, watching their clouds float around.


Friday, June 20, 2014

Matariki Cooking

Fried Bread.jpg

Last week Kauri hub had there Matariki day. I learnt heaps of new things and even a new recipe. One of the activities that I did after morning-tea was cooking with Donna and Justin. That was my favourite workshop of the day. In my cooking group was Sophia, Ryan, Brodie, Sam, Flynn and me. I was with Justin and we cooked Maori fried bread. The recipe too make them was:

Maori fried bread

5 cups of flour
5 teaspoons of baking powder
1 teaspoon of sugar
Sprinkle of salt

After we had cooked it on the stove in lots of oil, the fun part came up. Eating!!! The fillings to put in the fried bread were golden syrup, jam and real butter. They were delicious. The best thing was we got too have as many as we want. I only had three though.

Donna and Justin let us go early because we finished cooking about half an hour before the lunch bell so Mrs Lou let us outside too play handball on the courts for a while. I had decided too save a fried bread for Mrs Roil. I walked around holding onto the bread in a napkin for 25 minutes and it started going cold. I really wanted too give it too Mrs Roil but my tummy was hungry so in the end I ate it instead!

Matariki day was really interesting and I had lots of new experiences. On behalf of Room 10 I would like to thank Mrs Hardacker for organising this day for us. It was a great idea.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Stain Glass Window Maths

The Last Herrick Secret

My story is called The Last Herrick Secret. When I was drawing this picture I was trying too get through too the audience that this book was set in the bush and it is dark, gloomy and mysterious. This book can get a bit scary at times so who is this book for?

The book is mainly set in the bush so I decided too put the bush on my title page. All the vines and flies, I think makes the title seem more mysterious.

The Last Herrick Secret is my title. This is the second and the last book in the series so that is why it is called The Last Herrick Secret. My title is in the middle top of the front page of the book. I thought it would jump out at the reader because it was in the middle. On the front page the title is right next too the tree’s leaves and vines so I thought it would be cool if the vines came twisting onto the words of the title.  

I think I have attracted the audience with the title. For one, it is cool looking with all the vines and flies everywhere, and two, the title sounds cool. The word secret really grabs your attention. The Last Herrick Secret is very entertaining and I recommend it too anyone over the age of 8.