Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Soccer skills

Today my class went out on the field to do some soccer skills with Aaron and Harley. It was really fun.  Last week we learnt how to dribble using all parts of your foot. This week we were learning how to pass the ball to one and other. To pass you use the inside of your foot. We picked buddies to pass to. I chose Georgia. We had to line up on a line of cones, me on one side and Georgia on the other side. We passed and passed with Harley explaining different ways to pass. Then we played a game called ghostbusters. We had four people were ghosts and everyone else had to dribble around and try to hit the ghosts legs to kill them. I think I did good I just need to work on kicking the ball straight. But other than that I think I was ok. Wow that was fun! I can’t wait till next week!!!

Friday, August 02, 2013

Cross Country

I could feel a monster yanking at my side as I zoomed around the field, huffing and puffing. Sweat was dripping down my face as the wind cut through my hair like a knife. My sneakers churning up the ground as I whipped past a group of boys. Saliva was swirling around my mouth and slipping and sliding down my dry throat. My legs were shaking and were ready to give out any minute now. Stomp and scuff went everyones shoes as I ran past the sandpit and collected yet another ice-block stick. The whistle blew and I halted to a stop and sat down. 5 ice-block sticks. Yay, next time 6. Gurgle, Gurgle as chilly water trickled down my throat. Ahhhh what a good feeling.

Photo Comp

The next runner up is.... Cam pushed the button and my photo with my name appeared on the screen. I was so surprised when I stood up that my legs were shaking. When I walked up the front I thought that there wasn't going to be many people but there were way more people than I expected. I got a handshake from miss garland and 2 moro chocolate bars and a certificate. I can't wait to tell mum and dad!:)

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Charlotte's Birthday

On Saturday it was my friend Charlotte’s birthday. She was turning 11. When I arrived there all I saw was a crowd of girls and parents.

When everyone arrived all the girls sat around the coffee table watching while Charlotte ripped open her thousands of presents. We stomped and ran down the hallway carrying armfuls of presents to her pink room. Then back down the hall we went. We had a crazy gigglish game of musical statues and then Charlotte and me won the dance off and got a prize. Then we all rushed to the table with a mountain of junk food piled on the table. We dug in straight away like a herd of lions eating their kill.

We grabbed our togs bags and rushed out the door to the minivan to go to ocean spa. We splashed and laughed for 4 hours until 6:30 when it was dark. Then we got some pizza and watched Radio Rebel and Wreck-it-Ralph with bowls of popcorn.

All the girls rounded up our stuff then raced to the minivan to drop everyone off. Phew, what an exciting, long day.