Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Favourite cave at camp

Ouch!! I just slid down backwards...... again, sigh. I lost my grip on the rusty creaky old ladder thanks to all the mud. Finally I reached the bottom. My dad was there to help me. Dad asked me if I’m OK but I whispered dad I’m fine. I shone my head torch on my hands to see how dirty they were. Wow they were covered in slimy mud. It looked like my hands had been buttered with chocolate icing. My hands got wiped on the wall while the other person clambered down the ladder. Then as I took one step forward I heard a squelch from under my foot. I froze on the spot. SINK SINK sink down I go. I muttered to myself “Hello mud we meet again”. I looked up above me and saw a couple wetas and heaps of spiders all shapes and sizes. A shiver ran through my spine as I saw one of the spiders move. “Hello trumpet...... trumpet.” “ Huh???” Oh yeah I forgot that we were in the cave. I lifted up my foot that was secured firmly in the mud.

All of a sudden a horrible pong started to dance around as if trying to tease me. Yuck Yuck Yuck! A disgusting question interrupted my thoughts. Could this be bat poo? I asked Georgia who was in front of me and walking through the mud maybe bat poo. GG said “I think it is poo” Well that certainly got my thoughts running. Well I’ll tell you something about bat poo. It is seriously smelly especially when you're walking through it!! All these questions about bats started going scho in my head. You know that feeling when you know that something or someone was watching you well that was the feeling I had now. Just thinking about hundreds of bats hiding above my head in the pitch black gave me the creepies. I shook the thought out of my head and started to push my way through the mud and poo.

When I got to the end of the mud pit Zacs dad Martin half whispered half shouted down at me to just stay where I am and not climb the rocks yet. At that moment I decided to help the others since I couldn’t go anywhere. Later on I started to climb up the wet rocks. I was shaking as I climbed but it was really interesting and exciting.

When I emerged out of the midnight black hole at the end of the cave I breathed in a FRESH mouthful of air. I looked at my shoes, jeepers creepers!! They stunk like a skunk had let off a stink bomb on my shoe. Miss Garland called us over to talk. When she finished I looked around at the class. Huh everyone looked really wet and cold and above all muddy. There’s the mud again in my story. What a awesome but tiring day. Now back to camp for a shower, dinner and a milo.