Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson mandela is a very special man because he once stopped the huge, horrible apartheid in South Africa. All the South African people were not treated nice, in fact to me it was just silly. Everyone believed that the white people were better then the South African people. South African people had to serve the white people. People thought that white people were smarter and more important than the South African people. That was not true of course and Nelson Mandela was very strongly against it. Tell me if you can believe this. South African people were slaves for the white people, they couldn't even look each other in the eye or walk beside each other on the footpath. Thats just insane. There was even a white peoples drinking fountain and a South African peoples drinking fountain. White people and South African people weren't allowed to get married or go in the same shop. Nelson Mandela saved everyone in South Africa. The South African people are very grateful and relieved that Nelson Mandela came.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I am learning to organise my writing into paragraphs.
  • Use an introduction and conclusion
  • Keep to one topic.
  • Plan my ideas.

There’s Mayfair school. It was a Saturday so all the sports were on. It was just mum and me since all the boys were at rugby. Since there was rugby on as well as netball mum had to park the car ages away from Mayfair so we had to walk a long way.

When we arrived there all I saw were coaches and girls all ages and sizes in netball uniforms running and throwing balls everywhere. Mayfair had two courts and both of them had a game playing on them. Whistles and shouts of encouragement could be heard all over the courts and concret. I scanned the grounds looking for my coach Amber. When we couldn’t see Amber or my team I  looked at my watch and said to myself we should be warming up by now. We were versing the mayfair T+T’s and our game was at 9:45.

Eventually Amber and my team arrived and we got straight into practice. I asked Amber where Nikita and Emma were and Amber said that they were at camp so we have a new girl thats playing for the team. I learnt her name was Alex and she didn’t go to parkvale she went to te mata. She was very bright and was quickly making friends with madi, matilda and georgia. We played a game called ins and outs then did bounce passes and lobs. Amber called the team over and told us the positions we were playing. I was GD, GK, WD, WD. My favourite position is GK. I put on my bib then went to mum for a drink. Then we all went out on the court into our positions ready to go on the whistle. The bell signaled the 1st quarter to start and then there's the sound I never get sick of, the whistle! I was very excited as I darted around defending, jumping and shouting.

After our game I was all sweaty and hot. We did our 3 cheers for mayfair than one cheer for us. We shook hands then I went to my mum, took my bib off then grabbed a muesli bar and drink. I walked over to talk to my friends while mum talked with Amber. In the end the score was a draw 5-5. Mum called me over and we walked home.

II felt really good about the game and I was pleased with the score.This week my team are going to try hard to win. When I was playing I felt exited and determined as I always do playing netball.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Book review

Title: Pegasus
Author:Kate O’hearn
Characters: Emily, Cupid, Paelen, Joel, Jupiter, Alexis, Pegasus, Neptune, Pluto, Prince Tobin, Chrysaor, Medusa, Tornado warning, Agent T, Agent J, Agent O, Steve, Nirads, Gorgons, Earl,
Rating: I’m rating this book 10/10
Age level: 8 and up

The book Pegasus a book of adventure, sacrifice and love. The reason why I like the 3 books in the series is because as soon as you open the page it whisks you away on an adventure beyond imagination. Pegasus comes from a world that could not be found on earth. Its called Olympus. Jupiter, Cupid, Alexis, Pluto, Neptune, Paelen and Chrysaor live there. Just in case you're wondering Cupid is the god of love and Alexis is the sphinx of Olympus. A sphinx is a lady’s head and torso then lions claws and fangs and a serpent's tail. The sphinx name is Alexis and if you get into a fight with her there is no way you will survive. She is one of there best guards. In the story there was a huge storm that led to a blackout. Thats when Pegasus crashes on a 9 year old girl called Emilys roof. After emily’s mum died emily lives with her dad in an apartment in New York. Emily doesn’t know what to do with Pegasus as he won’t leave her. She decides that she has to go to the nastiest kid in school, Joel. Lately at school everyone found out that Joel really likes Pegasus as he draws and talks about him all the time. Emily has to sneak out and find Joel at his foster family home after his mum ran away and his father was killed. If you don’t like adventure or sacrifice, love and nasty surprises then you're reading the wrong book review.

Recommendations:I recommend these books for kids over 8. If you get bored alot and want an adventure then what are you waiting for pick up the book and read!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Rippa rugby

Pass to the hip
Throw behind
Spin the ball sideways
One hand at the front, one hand at the back
Have your hands ready where you want to receive the ball
Swing your hands over your hips
When you have the ball, run forwards
Step into your pass.

When I was playing rippa rugby I was scared and nervous because I did not know what to do but actually once you know how to throw and catch a rugby ball it's not so bad. One main thing in rugby is that you have to thrown the ball backwards.Throwing a rugby ball is easy but hard at the same time because when you throw you have to try and aim for the persons hip not there chest like in netball. You have to pass from your hip across your tummy then when it gets to your other hip let go. When the ball is in the air it should spin smoothly sideways and not head over heels. If the ball spins head over heels then you did not hold it right. How you hold it is you have one hand near the front of the ball and one hand near the end of the ball. Since you have to throw the ball backwards when you get the ball you run forwards so that your team is behind you then you can pass. When someone throws you the ball have your hands down by your hips ready to catch the ball.

Rippa Rugby from Student Parkvale on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Crazy town

.1 Dinosaur drive 35km
.2 250
.3 92

What is the fastest way to get from Crayfish Capital to Flounder Cape?