Friday, April 19, 2013

5 Saftey rules for in the bush

On Monday yesterday John ( a bush tramper) came in and talked to us about the things you need in the bush. Here are some things you need in the bush: Torch, Water, batteries, Lighter, Sleeping bag, Food, Bed roll, First aid kit for: blisters, headaches, cuts, bruises, rashes, insect bites. Warm clothes, tent or shelter, Beanie. There are some items that you will need to access fast. Here they are: Drink bottle, Raincoat\ wet weather gear, space to pack your clothes as you take them off and Gas cooker and cup. Before leaving you need to do these things: Tell someone where you are going and when you hope to be back, find someone to go with,  make sure you have all the right things like Compass, Maps, Emergency locator beacon. When you stop put on more clothes for example a windbreaker. Also find natural shelter and put on a beanie because did you know that 60% of your body heat goes out your head. There are some environmental factors are wind, Rain, Sun and Darkness. When you realise you are lost stay put. Did you know that wool gets 70% warmer when it’s wet. There are some plants to avoid they are stinging nettle and bush lawyer. Be careful in the bush.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Maui's Fish

There once lived a family of five mischief makers, all brothers. The four younger brothers were very jealous of their big brother, Maui and so one night when they thought that maui was asleep  they whispered and decided to go fishing without him early in the morning. But Maui had fake slept and heard them talking. He then snuck out and hid in the bottom of the canoe. In the morning the four brothers tiptoed out with all their fishing gear. They paddled out laughing at the thought of their cunning plan. When they reached the area where they wanted to fish Maui emerged from his hiding place not with any Maui but a very wise and determined Maui. He commanded them to paddle and the brothers didn’t say a word for Maui had magical powers. Maui appeared quite often on their secret outings but they never muttered a word except for a sigh.Would they ever get away with any of their plans? Maui paddled on and on and soon the four brothers retired from paddling but Maui did not stir a muscle except for those that were paddling.His four brothers were grumpy and for revenge they simply refused to give him any bait. He then struck his own nose for blood. The brothers watched as he got up and started whirling the magic jawbone around his head. The jawbone slipped underneath the waves and little did he know that his hook had jammed itself in the arm of a wooden statue rooted deep in the back of a huge fish. At that moment he knew he had caught something. He strained, yanked and fought with determination surging through his veins. Whispering his karakia he heaved the huge fish up. He managed to puff out to his brothers “Don’t you touch him. He’s very special. I must get my hook.” But as soon as Maui was out of sight they started to smack the poor fish who was rising and falling in pain just like a bucking horse. When Maui returned he saw his great fish cut up from his brothers because they were angry . If you look closely our north island is actually this huge stingray.