Thursday, October 23, 2014

The best part of me


My eyes are the best part of me.
I can not imagine not seeing through my eyes as I have always been able too see through them. They are brown and green and they help me see the world. Some people may call them bug eyes or almond shaped but I think they define my face. Complete it. My eyes are the window too my soul. Framed by long dark lashes.

There are a lot of colours to describe my eyes. For example: hazel, poo colour even, if you want or just plain green and brown. My Grandad is chinese so they have a slight asianic slant that makes me look exotic. My eyes reflect my emotions. I can be happy, sad, angry, sneaky, excited… and my eyes always show what I feel.  

When I’m meeting people for the first time the first thing they see and say is “ Wow what beautiful big eyes you have.” People comment on my eyes all the time. I love my eyes and I know that they are unique too me and thats why I love them!   :)  


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