Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Image Writing


It was a beautiful ordinary morning. The sun was shining, birds singing their unique songs and only a slight breeze was blowing. A man by the name of Tom was sailing along peacefully in the lagoon with not one thought in his head. You see whenever he sailed all the thoughts were cleared and all Tom thought about was what he was having for lunch and how many fish he could catch.

As Tom was sailing he started to get bored just sitting there thinking, so he leaned back, still paddling the little boat, closed his eyes and started too hum a song he knew. Before he knew it he woke up too find that he had stopped paddling. Tom felt strange. Almost as if he was getting sucked in too something. Like you feel when you put clothes or your finger near the vacuum and it tries too suck you in. Anyway that’s what Tom felt right now. He realised that the lagoon was getting sucked in like a plughole from the bath. All the water was disappearing and being replaced with grass and trees.

Tom was amazed!
“How did this happen?” He wondered too himself.

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