Friday, September 12, 2014

Lion vs Warthog

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“Come on kids, move along. Sheesh kids are hard.” Oh I’m Boris by the way and if  you’re wondering yes I am a warthog. This is my story of how I defended my    family against the king of the jungle. Being the dad of the family means that I have to watch out for danger pretty much 24/7. Right now I am trying too move my kids to a new protected spot. Us warthogs quite like too live in holes in the ground so...oh there she (my mate) goes again rubbing against a tree trunk. Well at least there is no patch of sand for her too roll in and hold the piglets and I up, but I know she will probably find a patch as she always does.

Living in the savanna can be hard sometimes, especially now that my mate and I have piglets. There are predators and trying too find suitable holes too live in, trying too find food since we are vegetarians, all sorts of things. Also warthogs are not the most beautiful or graceful animals on earth but we sure do love our familys so we would do pretty much anything too protect them.

“Come on honey, we better get a move on. Our piglets are easy prey.” I say too my mate.
Of course though, she didn’t hear as she was too busy itching the soft spot on her rump against a tree trunk. While she was busy, I made sure all our baby warthogs were sleeping together and then looked around too get used too my surroundings. There wasn’t much too look at really as we lived in the savanna. Plain dry grass went for km’s and km’s all the way too the horizon and only a few trees were dotted here and there. Big rocks was where the lions slept and had their young and the leopards spied from up in the trees as they are actually big cats and cats love trees. Giraffes ambled around slowly on their long legs, extending their necks too reach the juicy leaves up top. Rhinos and other fellow warthogs have mud baths in the waterhole. The whole entire savanna is like one big family. Sort of. Apart from the leopards and lions that sometimes like too have us warthogs for a meal, we all get along.

“No, seriously honey.” I say too my mate. “ I smell a predator near and I don’t like it with our piglets being so young and small.”
Hearing that she stopped scratching her rump on the tree and looked around too see if she could see the approaching predator. All of a sudden the antelope stopped grazing. Their ears twitched as their heads lifted up to try and catch the scent on the wind. I heard the warning call from the Zebras as the started too turn and run away across the savanna. I started too call to our piglets and wake them up from their sleep. The tension in the air was getting stronger. I felt like the predator was very close but I couldn’t see it. It was probably a leopard or a lion as they are warthog’s top predators. You never know though. The ground felt like it was shaking like an earthquake as the antelope galloped past with two lions sprinting after them.

Oh no a lion, I thought too myself as I hurried along behind the 4 piglets. We were in the long yellow grass and I really hoped we would find a hole soon otherwise we were definitely dead. My mate was in front of the piglets, leading the way as we ran through the grass.
“Boris, over there.” She called too me. “ There’s a hole about 30 metres away!”
I answered back. “Ok, take the piglets into it.”
I turned around too check behind me and something sandy coloured moved. We were being stalked. I started too nudge the babies with my nose too make them walk faster. My heart was pounding, my legs shaking as we came nearer too the hole. Then it struck me. We weren’t going too make it in time. One of us was going too be killed. Be brave, I told myself. If I was going too die, it would be for my family. I spun around and pawed the ground. The lion turned and locked eyes with me. I let out a snort for effect. Then I charged, a wild look in my eye. The last thing I heard before I clashed heads was the cry of my family. Then everything happened in seconds. Boom. I tasted blood in my mouth and everything went black.

My future was decided right then.

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