Friday, July 25, 2014

Sophia's Birthday

Sophia’s Birthday

Have you ever been too Inflatable World? Its pretty fun, isn’t it. Bree, Ella, Emma, Georgia M, Rosemary, Tiana, Kyrah, Kyra, Jess, Sophia’s little sister Ruby and me, were all there for Sophia’s party. Sophia’s mum, Kylie, had booked a party room. The room was really cool with a long white table in the middle. The first thing I saw was…party food! Lots of it too. I handed Sophia her present and the we all ran down the stairs like a stampede. Running, jumping, sliding, climbing and laughing was all we did for the next hour.

Then it was cake time. We all ran back up the stairs and sat down at the table. Kylie handed out coke’s and then we sang happy birthday really loudly too Sophia. Sophia had a really awesome cake. It was the sort of cake with a big hard chocolate outside and the cake on the inside. You had too smash the chocolate too get too the cake. She smashed the hammer down onto the cake and as chocolate and hammer met, the chocolate cracked into big chunks. We all helped ourselves too the food and cake before running back out for another half of an hour.

It was sadly time too go at 5:00pm but I had an awesome time. I wasn’t too sad though because we were going out for tea with my Gran and Poppa! After looking at a few restaurants we finally settled on a Thai restaurant.

It smelled delicious. Mini waterfalls and artwork was everywhere. We ordered heaps of yummy thai food like…squid, Satay chicken, rice, kebabs, lots of lemon marinated fish too. I didn’t really feel like eating though because I was still full from the party food. When we finally got home, I just collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.

The End

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